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Infinity Runner


Infinity Runner Review

Infinity Runner is an infinite running game where you need quick reflexes, muscle memory and patience to get better and succeed past all the obstacles that the game throws at you. As you progress from the beginning the game will slowly incorporate more button inputs needed to succeed through the game and complete your task at hand. The game relies heavily on reflexes as it progressively gains speed as you progress through the areas.  

Published and developed by Wales Interactive, Infinity Runner is the first of two announced games they have coming to Xbox One. Wales Interactive have a nice portfolio of games, ranging from puzzle to adventure and even interactive children’s books. Originally out on Steam, Infinity Runner is now out on Xbox one on April 21st 2015.

infinityRunner2There’s always someone watching!

Starting the game you’ll have the choice of Story Mode or Arcade Mode, not knowing how to play, the best way to approach the game would be Story mode as it will slide you into the mechanics of the game. Starting from a sleep, you’ll start the game by waking up from a mysterious voice and immediately be thrown into running, starting from the basics of moving left and right, turns, slides and jumps. Using these, you’ll need to dodge lasers, falling debris, and take sharp turns. You’ll find that early on the game will be easy, however gaining a feel for the controls seems to be the main focus of the beginning as they have a clunky feeling originally.

Later in the game, you’ll be introduced to a new gameplay mechanic of becoming a werewolf. This makes you temporarily invincible in fights and for the most parts will automatically control your movements for turns. The wolf has its own specific obstacles that it will be tasked to avoid, such as large pits and breaking through weak walls to enable shortcuts and dodging electrical circuits. This is a nice chunk of the focus of the story and game as it’s the unique mechanic that separates the game from any possible competition.

The game has three difficulty settings, Easy, Normal and Hard. Easy is slower paced, 5 extra lives and plenty of damage per life as well as having arrow hints. Normal is standard paced, 3 extra lives, a few hits per life and takes away the arrow hints. Finally hard mode gives you 1 extra life and any hit taken is a life gone. When you lose a life you’re returned to whatever previous checkpoint you encountered. Each difficulties obstacles are different than one another, so each difficulty will feel slightly new in comparison to another. The game presents plenty of challenge because of this especially with hard mode where you’ll be required to perform the button combinations precisely and under fast paced circumstances, leading it to become all up to muscle memory.

Infinity RunnerThis is a no running zone!

The game has challenges to aspire to as well, that will require a lot of dedication to acquire, most of which are cumulative for scores and fights, but there are also tougher challenges, with completing each difficulty with no deaths as the most difficult to acquire. The main problem I’ve found with this challenge is that there is no way to track which levels you’ve completed with no deaths leaving you to keep track of all that information yourself.

Overall Infinity Runner can be a great game that will mainly for someone who wants a game with a challenge in difficulty, however anyone who does feel like they’d like to play this game will definitely find it to be enjoyable and completing any task in the game gives you a feel of fulfilment, especially with hard mode. The game does have a story, however there isn’t much to it. So for anyone who wants a simple, yet complex game to pick up and play from time to time on their Xbox one, this is definitely a game to compete for that choice.

Infinity Runner

Infinity Runner




  • Fun game to play
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Provides a nice challenge


  • Graphics are not fantastic
  • Controls feel clunky
  • Lacking in story
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