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Jet Car Stunts


Jet Car Stunts Review

Developed by Grip Games and Published by BitComposer Entertainment, Jet Car Stunts originally released on the iOS , is back in Console form. Released for the Xbox One and 360 as well as the Playstation 3, 4, Vita and PC. Jet Car Stunts is a Racing Car game fused with platform elements set across a wide variety of courses. The vehicle you control is part car, part jet for making leaps across at times, giant gaps courses. The game is not a straight port but crafted for consoles and P.C with new tracks and modes available the graphics have also been updated for the next-gen consoles.

You can choose to jump straight into the game but it’s definitely worth checking out the short tutorial that teaches you how to utilise the car in the game to make the most of its capabilities. The tutorial will show how to use the Jet and the braking system as well as turning the car while motoring through the air.


The game is broken down into three different events, Platforming, Time Trials and Collector. Platforming holds twenty five courses ranging in difficulty from very easy to very hard and the objective is to get from the start to the finish within the ten attempts you are allocated, if you go over the set number of attempts the level ends, no matter where you are positioned and you’re forced to restart. The mode starts out with courses that are not too particularly tricky but finish up with some very demanding courses that may require some time to master but that’s what’s so great about Jet Car Stunts, some courses you can breeze through with minimum effort and then there are those that require you to think through your approach while saving as many retries as you can.

Platforming reminds me slightly of the early Trials games, you need to manage your speed to get yourself to certain places around the courses. Some jumps require you to use turbo which is activated by holding down on the RT, but it drains fairly quickly and you will need to make a checkpoint to refill it. It’s not just about using the turbo to make it across breaks in the road, you will need to think through how much to use at certain times because there might be multiple jumps coming up and you don’t want to be flying through the air without it so it’s partly about conserving turbo. Courses can range from simple jumps and a few tight corners to flying through a loop at high speeds and some of the later courses have you feeling like you’re floating in the air which can be very tricky to manage and a little disorientating.

jet car

Set across eleven courses and five laps to race on each one, Time Trials is a great mode to experience with slight echoes of the mode by the same name from the Mario Kart games. With Gold, Silver and Bronze at stake you need to make it through the five laps in the quickest time possible. Ghost mode is a nice feature to have activated for Time Trials as it allows you to see first hand how you’re faring against your previous times, it can be switched off if you find the appearance of a partly invisible car getting in your way too annoying. The major difference between Platforming and Time Trials is that there is minimal time to think about making jumps, etc and the use of the air brake is definitely something to use when racing through the courses because of the sheer speed you will need to go at to meet your goals. Effectively you’re not setting times but chasing time down, the more mistakes you make increase your chances of not finishing and having to start all over again. As with Platforming difficulty plays a part but this time its easy, medium or hard and you need to finish the first two to unlock the last.


Last but not least there’s Collector, in this mode there are eight courses and on each individual course there are five stars to collect. The course only finishes once all five stars are collected so there is no save option if you are struggling and wish to switch courses or modes. The wonderful thing about Collector is it’s not a simple case of just running over these stars, you need to take extreme measures to reach them and improvise if need be. Some stars I collected on my way to completing the game left me flying through the air across wide open spaces aiming to land on a block with a star positioned on top, I had to look around the entire layout of the course to find the best way to reach a certain star and I admire that in games. Sometimes all I want is a game that makes me think about what I need to do to achieve a goal, not simply press a couple of buttons and have it handed to me on a silver plate. It took me ten hours to fully complete Jet Car Stunts and that for me is full value for money.


Overall Jet Car Stunts is a really fun game to play and there are certainly hours of fun to experience throughout the three game modes and competing against fellow friends through leaderboards adds a competitive feel to a single player game. At times the game can be tricky but that’s part and parcel of this independant game, sometimes it’s a puzzle on four wheels with a jet attached to the roof and you need to figure out the best approach to take or find yourself free falling through the blue sky, straight into failure. There is a case for there being more value in the lesser priced games lately and with Jet Car Stunts, that is definitely the case. If you’re a Racing Car, thrill seeker and love a challenge, then this game is for you.


Overall Game Rating



  • A wide array of courses to experience


  • No online races

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