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Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty Review

Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty Review

Help Abe escape and rescue his fellow Mudokons before you end up as lunch.

Previously released back in 1997, Abe is back and looking better than ever. Developed by Just Add Water and published by Oddworld Inhabitants, Oddworld: New n Tasty shines in HD and has new improved controls, difficulty tiers and camera making your experience a slightly easier one.

The game starts with Abe, a slave worker at RuptureFarms, the biggest meat processing plant on Oddworld, whistling along working when he walks past Mullock the Glukkons annual meeting. Profits are low due to Meeches going extinct and Paramite Pies and Scrab cakes not doing so well. Much to Abe’s horror, he discovers that Mullock has a plan, his New n Tasty Range is Mudokons, him!

He sneaks away from the door and tries to flee, but a camera spots him and alarms start flashing and he is wanted all over the factory. Can he escape or will he end up next on the menu?

As a slave, Abe is pretty much helpless against the oncoming onslaught, having to stealth around and use the various switches and machinery to help him defeat his foes. Even on easy this can be slightly difficult and on normal you can see the drastic difference with faster deaths, more floating mines and efficient enemies, there is also hard mode if you really feel like punishing yourself.

He does have the amazing ability to chant and take over the body of his enemies, which can be extremely handy as you can control the helpless Slig and shoot down everything in his path before choosing how you want him to die. Walk him into electricity, grinders, off cliffs or chant again and cause his whole body to explode. They do have suppressors which electrocute you if you try to chant near them so sometimes stealth is the only option, with Abe able to press a button to creep around and hide in smoke.

Machines with grenades and rocks can also be found, which help explode the many mines found around the environment. Alerting the enemy and running and leading them to their inevitable demise is also a good way to deplete their numbers. Abe is also equipped with the amazing ability to fart on cue so you’ll probably spend around two to three minutes, pressing right on the D-Pad and laughing before you realise how immature you are and carry on with the deathfest.

Even on easy, expect to die a lot. Unless you are extremely skilled in the platforming genre and have the patience of a saint. Motion sensors, floating mines, enemies, bats, swinging spiked balls just a fraction of the obstacles that stand in your way and your goal of making it out of Rupturefarms, the meat within your body still intact and not served with salad on someone’s plate. Abe is selfless too though, he doesn’t just to want to escape and doom his fellow Mudokons to the destiny of being a Pie, he wants to save everyone and there are definitely a lot of unfortunate slaves to save. 299 in total.

If you want to be a saviour and save all of these slaves you will have to become amazing at the art of sleuthing. Many, many secret areas are hidden all around Oddworld, with some down holes you would expect to die from if you fell in, others in secret doors and portals Abe can chant to open. If you leave an area without saving them, all remaining ones will be killed and you will get reminded of your failure with a counter. Saving or neglecting them will also unlock the good or bad endings of the game.

The game has a lot of variety within levels, with Abe visiting temples, riding Elum around jumping over obstacles and obviously the industrial meat processing factory, RuptureFarms. All, however, have the same difficulty and frustration should your skills at avoiding ten million mines, standing still to avoid motion detectors and avoiding bats and gunfire be below par.

There are many scattered checkpoints around, that will bring you a sigh of relief when you make it to one, to make things a little easier for yourself so that when you die for the 100th time you don’t have to do everything again, the game has a quicksave ability so you can save at any point and if, sorry I mean when you die, you can reload from the quicksave. This does make dying a little easier to bear.

There is a co-op mode to the game but it is simply, hands over the controller to the person next to you when you die which I guess is a protective measure for the controller in question in case you throw it at the TV in rage.


Overall Oddworld: New n Tasty is a fun game with an interesting story but expect your escape to be a challenging one. The game looks amazing and the ability to quicksave does help a great deal. Being able to replay chapters and rescue all the very well hidden Mudokons will keep you occupied for a while unless you knew the levels off by heart from when the game first came out.

Version Tested: Xbox One


Overal Game Rating



  • Looks amazing


  • Can I please stop dying now
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