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Quest of Dungeons Review

quest of dungeons


Quest of Dungeons Review

Brought to us by Upfall Studios comes the game Quest of Dungeons which is a rogue-like turn based dungeon crawler. An Evil dark lord has stolen all the light, so it is the players mission to enter his lair and defeat him.

The game has a turn based interface that is in effect for the whole time playing not just battles. As you move around the the dungeon the enemies move along with you. Which leads to interesting strategies when trying to run away from over powered bosses. This really gives the player time to think through what they are going to do whether they lead an enemy into a trap or get out to the rooms door to lock the enemy in, giving you time to work your way around the room or to level up so you can take them on.

quest of dungeons

Quest of Dungeons: Xbox One [Reviewed] PC
Developer: Upfall Studios
Publisher: Upfall Studios
Release Date: 4 September 2015
Price: £7.19 [Disclosure: Game copy supplied by Developer/Publisher]

You play as one of four main characters these include the warrior, mage, shaman and assassin. Which are all characters you can expect to find in most rpg type games. There is also a fifth playable character which is unlocked after completing the game once which is the necrodancer. Each character has unique abilities which may alter how you approach the game play. The warrior is a close combat character, whose strengths lies in dealing a large amount of hit points to enemies.

The mage however uses long ranged spell attacks that requires mana, and deals the least amount of hit points. The shaman is a debuff character who uses a mixture of close combat and defensive spells. Finally we have the assassin, who in my honest opinion was the best overall character in the game. The assassin is another long range character who wields a bow and arrow. The assassins ability to land critical hits and do so at long distance, without having to use mana like the mage, makes the best choice for players especially on harder difficulties.

There is a light story as the game focuses on battle, looting and exploring the 7 floors of the dungeon. Defeating enemies to level up your chosen character and collecting skill books to learn new powerful skills to take on the bosses and ever more difficult enemies. Floors are set out with a different dungeon theme, these themes come with certain enemies and bosses, ranging from rats to giant heads that crawl along the ground.

quest of dungeons

As you descend further into the dungeon the enemies get stronger, but if you explore thoroughly and find stronger weapons and armour enemies become become less trouble until you are ready to move onto the next floor. Some floors have a randomly placed shop where the adventurer can sell precious items for gold and buy healing potions food weapons and armour, this also allows you to clear space for more items as you have a limited inventory. The dungeons are randomly generated with each play through, which keeps players on their toes as running into a room blindly can lead to a very quick death.

Each floor may also have randomly placed quests that vary from killing a boss to collecting an item. The items and bosses do not appear until the quest is activated which can lead the player to back track. The quest descriptions have a nice touch where the player does not have a solid direction in which to travel, just a suggested compass direction.

After defeating the final boss and exiting the dungeon there are two more story options that open up the first being an extra set of dungeons with a new story,new areas and new enemies. The other extra mode is a custom dungeon where the player can choose the size and how many of the floors of the dungeon to explore.


The most difficult part of the game is from learning to use the turn based movement and battle system. Once you are used to how the game works navigating the dungeons becomes a careful step by step process especially on the higher difficulties. This leads the player to think about what to do next rather than running in and getting into the thick of battle, bosses can deal a massive amount of damage and the final boss is able to deal instant death to the adventurer. This can leave the whole game having to be reset as death in this game is permanent leaving the player losing all of their loot and items and having to start again.

In summary Quest of Dungeons is fun to play and has a lot of replayability with the randomly generated floors and different characters keeping the game feeling very fresh, along with the choice of increasing the difficulty levels for a more challenging and rewarding game.

Quest of Dungeons

Quest of Dungeons

Overall Game Rating



  • Random levels never play the same game twice
  • Fun gameplay with lots of replayability
  • Nice 16-bit Art style
  • Additional unlocks, stories and characters


  • Permanent Death
  • Games can be short
  • Quite steep learning curve
  • Lack of Story
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