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Rocket League Review

Better known for their previous gen game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-powered Battle Cars, Psyonix have taken that big step into the world of PS4 and PC.  Now being recognised as a brilliant sports game, Rocket League has been accepted into the ranks of ESL (Electronic Sports League) with other top games such as Evolve, CS:GO and Hearthstone. Founded in 2000 Psyonix have many games mainly using Unreal Engine 3 on many platforms, Rocket League is the first of their games to be put on PS4.

Rocket League is a sports game, involving football and rocket powered cars, the idea of the game is simple at heart, to score a goal in the others team goal, using rocket propelled cars. This game has many different team builds I.E. 1V1, 2V2, 3V3 and 4V4, so it’s not only co-op but a multiplayer experience.

rocket league

There are also many different game modes such as online matches, exhibition matches which involve either NPC’s or local players, season mode which is a tournament of NPC’s ranging from nine matches to  thirty six matches with varying difficulties and for people who are new to this game, there is the training facility where you can learn the basics, what it involves and how to play using the in-game tutorials.

Rocket League is the sequel to the highly-anticipated, high-octane (deep breath everyone) Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars, which was a starting point for this brilliant series, made in 2008 by Psyonix, it’s tournament style campaign mode with a few mini games thrown in, is what millions of fans worldwide have come to love about the game.

rocket league

There is no opening cut scene or dramatic introduction, it’s just a very simple ‘click here to play’ where upon clicking, it will take you into the main menu where you can explore the games wonderful features including the garage where you can change and/or customize your car, play the many game modes or check out Rocket Leagues  many social networking pages.

At the moment there are only seven arenas. Some with different weather scenarios and some at night time, the scenery is brilliantly straightforward, it’s just a football pitch either indoors or outside with marks on the floor that give you boost, the small ones give you 10% and the big floating ones give you 100% boost.

rocket league

The graphics are good considering it’s using Unreal engine 3 on the PS4, the mix of those two really bring out the best of the game, especially in 1080P, Psyonix paid a lot of attention to detail towards the cars customization and the pitch itself, from the audiences in the stands, to the grass on the pitch.

I love the soundtrack, especially the opening song, Flying Forever by Mike Ault Feat. Morgan Perry, this song really gets you into an energetic mood ready to kick some butt in the game.

I feel like the controls for Rocket League are great, they are easy to understand and use, it’s just that the control of the car whilst it’s in air can get a little off balance. The gameplay is great, no lag or delay whatsoever, I did experience some problems with the servers but that is to be expected seeing as it just recently came out.

rocket league

I found that the game is brilliant, having played both betas on the PS4 and it handles great, some issues with the online servers but that’s to be expected, I really like the customization of all the vehicles, they added a lot of stuff since the latest beta, I like the fact that to unlock all the decals and accessories you have to play as the specific car you want to unlock them for.

The only things I don’t like about it is the handling whilst it’s in air and the fact that there are problems with the servers at this point in time. I think adding horns to the game would ramp up the fun because I just think that would be funny to have different sounding horns and loads of people spamming them.

Overall Rocket League is definitely worth buying because it’s great fun for family and friends alike, team with the song ‘Flying Forever – Mike Ault Feat. Morgan Perry’  which makes you more energetic and competitive and definitely made the game a more well-rounded, enjoyable experience.

Rocket League

Rocket League

Overall Game Rating



  • Great customization
  • Great music/soundtrack
  • Its nice and simple to play
  • It has lots of replay appeal


  • The addition of races would be cool
  • Online servers take ages or don't even connect,
  • There should be a lot more online play within the other game modes

Seth is 22 and lives in Cornwall, his favourite console is the PS4 and favourite game has to be the Kingdom Hearts series. He also loves to stream. So check him out on


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