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The Castle Game Review



The Castle Game Review

The Castle Game is a tower defense game developed by Neptune Interactive Inc. Players must defend their keep from hordes of enemies by fortifying defenses and using the various tools at their disposal.

The Castle Game follows suit with traditional tower defense games as players are initially tasked with defending a base from waves of enemies, although they will later find themselves completing other tasks such as escort missions. At first the game is quite simple with players limited to building castle walls and stationing archers. As the game progresses however, players are introduced to new tools and abilities that add layers of challenge to the game.

The Castle Game Review

Soon enough players find themselves constructing forges to arm foot soldiers and placing explosives to slow the advancing enemy forces. Players are never idle during battle, as they must use magic to support their soldiers or a hammer to repair damaged structures. Eventually, players will find themselves building a miniature castle. Those that do not place much thought into their fortifications will quickly find the enemy destroying the keep with ease.

Enemy siege points are revealed during the building phase of the game to allow players to build in accordance to this information should they choose to do so. Once the battle phase begins, enemies march towards the keep with the objective of destroying it. Walls can be used to maneuver enemy forces into traps however, smarter enemies will turn their attention to the walls blocking their path and break them in order to progress faster.

Enemy waves are also great in number at later levels, which makes it essential for players to use everything at their disposal effectively. The number of waves for each match can be quite large making for some drawn out battles, which can be made worse should the player lose the round. Even so, there are checkpoints throughout each match to ease this issue.

The Castle Game Review

The Castle Game sports a cartoonist look that works well with its bright colors to always make the game feel fun and relaxing. The structures and characters are simple, but detailed especially when compared to the somewhat dull level design. The designs for most levels feel lacking, which helps to emphasize the focus on the battlefield, but this can also be a bother at times. Another issue with the level design is that stages are all extremely small in size, which prevents the game from realizing its full potential. The flashy animation for abilities always makes them a treat to use. Similar to the backgrounds, the music also takes a backseat and seems to simply fade out to the chaos of the battlefield.

Upon completing the campaign, the player is introduced to the sandbox and survival modes, which creates a sense of replayability, although the game can still grow dull quickly once the player has experienced all it has to offer. It is important to note that The Castle Game lacks any form of multiplayer. This causes the game to suffer as it really does feel and play like a game that would benefit from the addition of a cooperative or competitive multiplayer mode.


The Castle Game is a game best enjoyed by those with an interest for castle defense games. Simple level design coupled with forgettable music and drawn out battles can tarnish the overall experience offered. A lack of multiplayer also reduces replayability drastically despite there being three single player modes to choose from. Even so, colorful visuals, a variety of tools and abilities available and intelligent enemies make The Castle Game a fun game to invest some time in.

The Castle Game was reviewed on the Playstation 4

Full disclosure: Game copy was provided by publisher/developer

The Castle Game

The Castle Game

Overall Game Rating



  • Colorful visuals
  • Variety of tools and abilities
  • Intelligent enemies


  • Simple level design
  • Forgettable music
  • Drawn out battles
  • Lack of multiplayer
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