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The Fall Review

From Indie developer Over The Moon comes kickstarter adventure game The Fall. The Fall was released on Steam in May of 2014 shortly followed by the Wii U and had now made it onto the Xbox One and PS4. The Fall is a side scrolling adventure game with action elements set in a Science fiction style.

You take on the role of A.R.I.D. an intelligent combat suit that has crashed onto an eerie unknown planet. A.R.I.D. must find medical assistance for the human pilot within her by escaping the crash site through a disused droid testing facility, solving puzzles and battling security droids.

The Fall

There are a few characters that you meet along the way, all are very well written and leave an impression throughout the game. From the mainframe A.I. that helps you to the shape shifting caretaker that hinders your progress. The story is told through these interactions, with great voice acting that brings the characters to life and makes them feel believable, while more information about the planet can be found in notes and computer terminals that are scattered across the levels.

The levels within the game are diverse and vary from caves to labs to production line for droids. All the levels leave the player feeling isolated as there is very little in terms of interaction with friendly characters. Enemies take the form of security droids that come in two varieties, standard and shielded, each are easy enough to deal with in their own right but can be troublesome when engaging large groups of both types. But both can be quickly taken care of with some carefully placed head shots from cover. There are also creatures such as giant slugs and metal chomping fish.

the fall review

Puzzles are solved by obtaining upgrades for A.R.I.D., scanning the area for useful items and combining them in various ways. There are feelings of Metroid with the suit upgrades and picking up items that are used much later in the game much like Monkey Island. The puzzles are quite difficult for people that don’t play adventure games as the item combinations do not make much sense in terms of logic (why else would you connect a car to a merry-go-round).

In summary The Fall is a very enjoyable adventure game with some difficult puzzles and a very engaging story. Which is peppered with dark humour and enjoyable characters. This is only the first episode of the story and it does feel very short, taking a couple of hours to make it through to the end. This game leaves me with a feeling of wanting more.

The Fall

The Fall

Overall Game Rating



  • Excellent story
  • Very good voice acting
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Very short story
  • Little re-playability

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