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The Legend of Kay Anniversary Review

Dogs aren’t the only animals that Cats fight with.

The Legend of Kay Anniversary is a remaster of the game from back in the PlayStation 2 era, which at the time was a Zelda style game. The original game came out in 2005, later ported to the Nintendo DS and now out on Wii U, PS4, PS3, PC and Mac. Legend of Kay is an adventure style game that you play as Kay a cat that learns combat from his master and later needs to use these skills and knowledge he learned in the short time of training to try and save his island from Gorillas, Rats and other creatures that are terrorizing his homeland.


The gameplay for Legend of Kay is pretty straight forward, and all the moves that you get in the game you learn at the beginning. There are combos that are used for each type of combat, ones for enemies that are knocked down, some that are for straight combos, a charge blast and ones for dodging behind the enemies. All of the combos will need to be used to compete against the enemies later in the game, the beginning of the game is just training for the later levels. The biggest thing that I found was that your Y button, if you’re in a combo is basically a button to magnet to the closest enemy or object that can be attacked. This is very useful and a big part of progressing in the game.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter more and more new enemies, Gorillas, Rats, Crocodiles, and Turtles (These are literally ninja turtles). Each enemy has many different forms, mainly with different colored armor that denotes how strong the enemy is. Certain enemies need special combos, such as I noted earlier, that require you to attack them from behind to even deal any damage to them. As you get many enemies attacking you, you’ll have to choose your targets wisely, or at least dodge them and lock strike (magnet) onto them.


There are many areas in the game, a lot more then I had expected, with each area there is a new creature that can be rescued like bunnies, frogs, and pandas. Each area has a new type of thing that gives you a sort of challenge while at the same time being familiar in that there are always the same statues and sort of objectives that you’re given to complete. Cat statues, which is basically a cat Buddha, that you have to pull the hand down on that will make something on the map move, while sometimes not necessary they can provide good bonuses like weapon, health and magic upgrades.

Many of the items you get in the game are just temporary aside from the three that I mention, those three, weapon, health and magic upgrades are permanent. The other items that are in the game are all consumables, these items can be health potions, fire bonus for your weapon, bombs and other such items. There is also armor that you can buy or pick up, these give you a bonus defense of a few points, but once those defensive points are used the armor is then destroyed, it does not regenerate.

All items aside from weapon upgrades can be purchased from the shop that appears from time to time, which you can buy using currency from killing enemies, breaking pots and treasure chests. It’s a very wise choice to pick up the items that you need as you pass by the shop as it may be a little while before you see one again. The last of the items is lives, these are the amount of retries that you have before you have to reload the entire save, you can get a max of nine lives, just as any normal cat.


Now the story in the game isn’t all that interesting in my opinion, however it may have just been since it was dated from 2005 and I don’t have the nostalgia factor helping me get into the story. That may have been it or the voice acting that went along with the story, as a lot of the game had either one liners or characters with high pitched voices which wasn’t very enjoyable.

Overall The Legend of Kay Anniversary is a pretty good game, and for its length is a nice amount of content. Whether it’s worth the purchase may be up to those who enjoy the type of game as the game doesn’t offer antyhing new to its genre, nor does it add much in terms of being a remaster of the game from 2005. So for those who want to experience the game again, I’d recommend it, as you probably already know what you’re getting into, however those whom haven’t played the game before should look up the style of combat and such, as the game does tend to be repetitive with little story reward aside from quirky one liners.

The Legend of Kay Anniversary was reviewed on the Wii U

Disclosure: game copy was provided by developer/publisher

The Legend of Kay Anniversary

The Legend of Kay Anniversary

Overall Game Rating



  • Enemy Variety
  • Item Variety
  • Combat and lots of combos


  • Voice Acting and Story
  • Repetitive Gameplay
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