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Victor Vran Review


Victor Vran Review

Victor Vran is the isometric action-RPG (ARPG) published by EuroVideo Medien and developed by Haemimont Games. Haemimont Games are best known for their work on the Tropico series however they have also developed games such as: Celtic Kings, Imperium Romanum/ Grand Ages: Rome, the Tzar series and Omerta – City of Gangsters as well as a few others. Haemimont Games have as this list suggests primarily focused on RTS and city building games, it’s nice to see a developer try something new, but not without its risks, does the risk pay off? Read on to find out.

You are a demon hunter with a secret, you made a pact some years ago in order to wield Demon powers. A message arrives from your friend Adrian in the land of Zagoravia, a land that succumbed to a Demon invasion one year earlier, telling you he’s found the thing that you seek (what this is, is yet to be discovered).

Victor Vran Review

You do not know much about the land of Zagoravia only that many Demon Hunters travelled to the land only to never return including your friend Adrian. The travel to Zagoravia in order to find out what happened to your friend and also in the hopes of finding this secret that your friend discovered. Perhaps you may find out what exactly happened in the mystery of the Demon incursion into Zagoravia. Upon arrival you start hearing a character calling himself “the voice” that resides apparently in your head.

Victor Vran is an action-RPG that focuses on customisation as opposed to classes as there are no specific classes to speak of, essentially you can customise your character to play in a class of your own design. You can choose to wield up to two weapons consisting of mortars, swords, scythes, lightning guns hammers and rapiers (there may be perhaps others I have yet to discover) you also have a choice of outfits and can even customise its colour if you so desire. Additionally you have a choice of multiple Demon powers and can wield up to two of them there is also a choice of what is called “destiny cards” which you collect and they provide you with various buffs. Each of these items have various levels and/or rarity.

Victor Vran Review

There is also a variety of consumables that can be used from the basic health potion to the more advanced leech bomb. Upon reaching level 16 you have access to the “transmutation” facility which allows you to combine all of your pickups except potions into either a generally improved item, an item of higher rarity or if you so choose a random item.

In Victor Vran you are extremely mobile and have the ability to jump or dodge to avoid incoming damage. You can also wall jump in order to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, and can also use the mortars special jump ability to reach even more inaccessible areas. Each of the levels have various different optional challenges that you can attempt completion of, which will provide a reward of some description from money, XP to a reward chest that can contain a random item of the same level as the chest.

In addition to the normal and hard modes players can also add further levels of difficulty with the addition of “hexes” which add certain buffs to the enemies granting a further challenge and higher reward. Players can also join in multiplayer with up to 3 other people for Co-op action or even venture into the PVP arena to find out who is the better hunter.

Victor Vran Review

Mechanically speaking the additional mobility of the character provides an extra layer of skill which helps with the overall immersion of the game. The loot, items and challenges/rewards system all work really well together. The only issue I found was a slight graphical glitch which occurred under certain circumstances I have however alerted the developer to this.

However this is very minor and is to be expected of an early access title. Graphically speaking the game has a dark Gothic theme which suits the era and overall aesthetic. As for sound the soundtrack is suitably Gothic and dark, the music and sound assets all work well, the combination of which adds to the overall immersion of the game.

Victor Vran Review

Overall I found this game to be an absolute joy to play, it of course has similarities with Diablo 3 however I found that I lost interest with Diablo whereas with Victor Vran I thoroughly enjoyed it and find myself itching to play some more. This can be attributed to the customisation of the character, the hilarious movie quotes (Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Star Wars to name but two) and other equally hilarious abuse received from “The Voice (inside your head)” or perhaps it’s the hilarity that ensued from meeting the “Gangnam Style” dancing skeletons. Sufficive to say this new direction for Haemimont Games paid off with dividends, and I for one can’t wait to see both what additions they make to the game and of course the next game they work on.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran

Overall Game Rating



  • Levels of customisation and item depth.
  • Well designed and thought out levels and challenges.
  • Various hilarious moments.


  • combat can get a little bit repetitive however this is part and parcel of the genre

Colin is a PC/Xbox gamer to whom gameplay outweighs graphics by a country mile. Colin is rather fond of pixel art games such as Pixel Piracy, to games such as Prison Architect, Rimworld and Project Zomboid. Space games such as X3 and Starpoint Gemini. Games with any mention of a “Reaper” or responsive Devs get double XP.


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