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We Are Doomed Review

Destroy Polygon Enemies in this twin-stick explosion of colour 


Developed and Published by Vertex Pop, We Are Doomed is another game from the ID@Xbox Program. The program has seen some pretty good additions to the Xbox Store of late and they are now joined by this Twin-Stick Shooter. A recent Tweet from the ID@Xbox Twitter page asked the question, are you ready for some Twin-Stick Shooter insanity? And at times insanity is not a strong enough word to sum up We Are Doomed.

The games layout is split into two separate modes that come in the form of Waves and Endless. Likened to previous titles such as Sixty Second Shooter, We Are Doomed has you attempting to make it from Wave One through to Wave Thirty while killing and avoiding dangerous polygon shaped enemies. Wave mode starts out friendly enough and it doesn’t appear to be overly taxing, you begin to learn to use both analog sticks to help you get around and fend off enemies. You can only attack enemies with the use of a beam weapon that is shot out using the right analog stick. The enemies are not too dangerous to begin with but one touch from them and you’ll find yourself short a life, of which you only have four.

One of the stand-out features of We Are Doomed is the full use of colours throughout the game, the variety of colours can be very appealing even more so when using the extra ability, it really shines through and makes it hard to dislike. 

The explosions of colour can be very beautiful

As you disperse each enemy you will notice small blue trinkets appearing inside the confides of your rectangle shaped hell, these items once picked up will begin to fill up a bar located at the top of the screen, once this bar is completely full you have the ability to activate a Superbeam which is where you can really take the fight to your foes.

Once activated a large coloured beam shoots out and enemies drop like flies as your bar drains you can continue the rampage by taking more trinkets but with power comes a downside, while the superbeam may be a great way to get rid of a whole bunch of enemies it can also be a hindrance, you are left slightly blinded while using the ability and this could cost you a vital life, this wouldn’t always be the end of the world but seeing as you can’t retrieve lost lives while playing We Are Doomed, you can ill afford to be just throwing them away.

The Superbeam, powerful, but at times suicidal

One of the games more frustrating achievements has you needing to survive from Wave One all the way through to Wave Thirty without relinquishing a single life, it makes surviving Dying Light in Hard mode look like a leisurely stroll in the park. The enemies range from small blue polygons that simply chase you around to little orange coloured enemies who shoot at you like tanks on a battlefield and then there are the rocket enemies that can be tricky to avoid at times.

Once you’ve had your fill of Wave Mode you can choose to move on to Endless Mode and things don’t get any easier here either. Endless Mode is exactly that, A never ending barrage of enemies trying to take you out and the mode has even less lives for you to survive with, also once more you won’t be gaining any extra lives. At times throughout Endless Mode it’s almost as if the screen is just one massive swarm of enemies and you’re are fortunate if you can move a single inch. Picking up the blue trinkets has never been more apparent and without them you are, well quite literally doomed.

Endless is set out in rounds though I never knew when one ended and another one began such was the abundance of enemies around. The enemies are exactly the same from Wave Mode only this time around they are all after you at pretty much the same time. If you are a competitive gamer then Endless might just be the mode for you and there is the added bonus of being able to compete with friends via online leaderboards, which is a fun addition to the game.

A way out would be nice about now

Overall when it comes to my views on Twin-Stick Shooters I prefer to sit on the fence, I neither love them nor hate them. They are fun if you just want a bit of mindless enjoyment and can fill up some spare time but I just don’t see them ever being more than that, I am however dying to be proved wrong. There are times throughout the game where you can actually have some fun and for maybe the first five or ten attempts at both modes it can be a very rewarding game, but then there are the times when it can fill you with utter rage and have you quickly heading for the uninstall option.

We Are Doomed isn’t a horrible game in any way, shape or form and at times just the pure colour of the game is enough to make you want to pick up a controller and at the very least give it a go. The difficulty of the game can be a little off-putting and it could have done with obtainable extra lives, just to make it slightly easier. I also feel that the game lacks something unique, an online competitive mode would have suited this game perfectly and brought more appeal to it. Sadly it ended up just a run of the mill Twin-Stick Shooter which is sad considering the beautiful look of it.

We Are Doomed

We Are Doomed

Overall Game Rating



  • The beautiful array of Colours
  • Online Leaderboards


  • Lacks a real cutting edge
  • Can be very repetitive
  • Sometimes just shooting endless enemies isn't enough
  • Needed more modes
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