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Guncraft Blocked And Loaded Review

Developed by Exato Games, Guncraft Blocked And Loaded is the brainchild of John Getty. Blocked And Loaded is a unique take on the popular block building game from, Minecraft but with one major twist…UTTER DESTRUCTION!. Throughout Minecraft, players are encouraged to use their imagination to hunt, survive and build in a whole array of different ways, where the sky, quite literally is the limit. Guncraft instead ops for blowing up creations with chaos and destruction, sure you can build to your hearts content, but honestly, why would you want to, when each map is completely destructible?.

Re-tuned for the Xbox 360, Getty had learned from previous mistakes when making the game available for Steam. Unfortunately players on the 360 are unable to customise their own player skins and certain amazing maps couldn’t be ported to the 360, due to their sheer scale, still Guncraft has a lot to offer both fans of Minecraft and first person shooters in general. It takes all the competitive nature of a Call Of Duty game but adds in the fun factor that certain games lack.

Guncraft Blocked And Loaded

There are numerous classes to choose from within Guncraft, with the added option to create your very own class available, after reaching a certain level. Players can arm themselves with Assault Rifles, Heavy Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles and are able to switch classes between each life or in pre game. Players can approach each game in whatever way they seem fit. Along with the primary weapons, players are armed with thrown weapons which include Mines, Grenades and Detonated charges, all of which only add to the ensuing carnage.

At the end of every match, players are rewarded for how well they performed with XP awarded, with the XP players can level up, eventually reaching a point where they are allowed to re-gen, much as you would in Call Of Duty, this comes with its perks with a whole host of unlockables to keep players entertained and with 550 levels to work through to reach the pinnacle of Guncraft, there is no shortage of gameplay to be had.

Guncraft Blocked And Loaded

Blocked And Loaded combines the block building sandbox of Minecraft while pitting players against each other in an assortment of different and competitive game modes, across a wide variety of beautifully destructible maps, some of which are custom designed by fans of the game, brought across from the Steam version. With the ability to host sixteen player matches, Blocked And Loaded has a lot to offer in the way of sheer fun. Sure, of the many game modes available there are the classic Deathmatch and Capture The Flag, Guncraft adds a host of new and unique modes which are sure to keep players entertained for hours.

Instead of venturing through the classic modes, by now everybody knows how Deathmatch and CTF work, I wanted to focus on some new modes that are sure to leave players wanting more.

Lava Survival is a unique twist on last man standing, where players must seek high ground in order to survive the boiling hot Lava that resides underneath each map. From the start of the game, players are faced with a decision, to aim for the sky and get as far away from the ground as possible, or go on the hunt to take other players out of the equation. Here is where the twist comes in, players don’t die from bullets, instead they freeze for a few moments like a snowman. The point is to remove the ground from underneath them by any means necessary, pushing them further underground until they meet Lava and boil to death. Once a player falls into Lava there is no respawn, death is permanent and the last player standing wins.

Lava Survival

Paranoia is a mode very similar to John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ where players face off on separate two teams, as the match starts a player is chosen to be “The Queen”, only that particular person knows this and it’s the opposite teams job to find out who the Queen is. Paranoia is a great little mode to experience, adding an element of detective work to deathmatch. The Queen has significantly more health than a normal player and thus, is harder to take down. 

Guncraft also introduces a Call Of Duty killstreak type system, where players building up kills are rewarded with extra items, using money earned throughout the game. These killstreaks rewards can range from being able to see every single enemy on screen with a unique vision, allowing them to plan a form of attack on unwitting enemies. Other rewards include the ability to place down a manned turrets, to mow down enemies. Overall killstreak system is a great feature and only furthers the experience of Guncraft.

Guncraft Blocked And Loaded

Aside from being able to gun down an opponent, players also have the luxury of being able to board a variety of vehicles, which can easily be used to destroy other vehicles and enemies in game. One of the most exciting things about Guncraft is that all available vehicles can be used within modes like Deathmatch, where you wouldn’t normally expect to find them. Nothing is required to use the vehicles and any player can hop inside a tank whenever they like.

Apart from the powerful Tanks, players can also take to the skies in a helicopter armed with a gun and rockets. Helicopters can be slightly tricky to control at first, but with some practise can cause devastation on a grand scale, leaving opponents franticly trying to take them down. Also available are hover bikes, passenger bikes, hover drones and an AC-1337, you can find out more about these vehicles and all things Guncraft Blocked And Loaded in our interview with John Getty HERE


Each map within Guncraft is beautifully crafted with a vast array of different maps, to suit all needs. Guncraft packs some seriously entertaining maps, all designed with one idea in mind, destruction!. From Under The Sea to Lighthouse, the maps never cease to amaze. Getty brought across from the Steam version of Guncraft, a collection of some of the best maps, sadly not all made it, with some simply too big to be playable on the 360. You have to wonder what Guncraft could have been like if it had been ported to the Xbox One.

Overall Guncraft Blocked And Loaded is a great, yet unique take on Minecraft which is sure to catch the eye of every fan of the block building classic from Mojang. Destruction is a key element to Guncraft with every beautifully laid out map open to be completely destroyed, whether that be by hand or vehicle. There are hours of gameplay to experience throughout the many differing game modes and with multiplayer available for up to sixteen people.

Guncraft can be experienced in splitscreen, allowing for two different players to play locally with their own gamertags which is an appealing option and is sure the title very appealing to any gamer. With 550 different levels to work through and a series of unlockables to be had, not to mention the create a class option. Blocked And Loaded is sure to be a hit and is full value for money. The only shame is that it won’t arrive on the next gen consoles.

Guncraft: Blocked And Loaded was reviewed on the Xbox 360, a copy of the game was provided by the developer for the purposes of this review.

Guncraft Blocked And Loaded

Guncraft Blocked And Loaded

Overall Game Rating



  • A completely different take on Minecraft
  • The sheer amount of destruction players can cause
  • A ton of beautiful maps to play across
  • Unique game modes


  • Lack of single player elements
  • Some lag experienced online, though a patch will fix the issue
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