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Clash Secret Achievements

Clash is a four player local multiplayer game that consists of 16 achievements. Three of the achievements are secret and I will show you how to unlock them. 

The first is really simple. All you have to do is Press B on your controller four times to make the four characters have a moustache on the title screen.  This achievement is called Moustache Party. 

The second achievement will require you have four controllers to play with. These two achievements may be the achievements a lot of people can’t obtain due to the expense of purchasing four controllers. If you are lucky enough to have four lying around the house, load up the map “Island of the Spirits” and have all four players stand on the hut in the middle and Press X simultaneously. It may take a few attempts to get it timed right, especially if you are controlling all of them but if you all activate your shield at the same time, this will appear on the screen and the achievement  Drejehummer will be yours. 


The final secret achievement, again requires four controllers and for you to load up the map Kibos Throne and have all four players stand under the bottom left ledge. Once you are in position press Y simultaneously and a Golden Fish will fall down from the top of the screen giving you the achievement Golden Fish.

clash achievements

The other achievements are quite easy. Obtaining Crystals by killing players and banking them in the glowing ring. Achievements for kills and winning a certain amount of matches. Deathmatch is good if you set the kill score to one in options, should take no time at all. 

Overall it’s a very fast and easy completion. 

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