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Submerged Creatures

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Submerged All Creatures Naturalist Achievement/Trophy Guide

Throughout Submerged, Miku encounters a variety of mystical yet beautiful creatures, while out in her fishing boat. Discovering eight of these creatures will gain players the Naturist Achievement/Trophy worth 100GS. All bar one of the creatures can be spotted while out in the boat, the human like creatures found in the game can be spotted while out on missions but cannot be seen after completion of the story.

1. Dolphin.

Submerged Creatures

Dolphins can be found pretty much across the entire Submerged Map, more often than not, they will find you. The Dolphins in Submerged will actively swim by your side as you traverse the deep blue, often leaping out of the water.

2. Flying Fish.

Submerged Creatures

Flying Fish are by far the smallest of all creatures found throughout Submerged, spotted in groups they skim across the water and be found almost anywhere in the flooded City.

3. Large Whale.

Submerged Creatures

The Large Whale can be found swimming around the outskirts of the City, often the Large Whale can be seen breaching the ocean in magnificent fashion before plummeting back down into the depths. Time was often spent just cruising along side this beautiful creature, very similar to a humpback whale. There is frequently one near the compass on the map, in the north most corner.

4. Manta Ray.

Submerged Creatures

Much like the Dolphins, Manta Rays can be seen pretty much anywhere throughout the City, often leaping out of the water without warning, flipping in mid air before returning to the sea. At night the Manta Rays glow very bright, making them easy to spot.

5. Pelican.

Submerged Creatures

Pelicans can be found all over the City, usually first spotted sitting in groups on the waters surface before taking off to the skies when Miku makes the slightest contact. The Pelican be spotted through the Telescope also as they soar through the beautiful blue sky.

6. Human.

Submerged Creatures

The mysterious Human like creatures found in Submerged are the trickiest of the creatures to spot as they are there one moment, and gone the very next second. Often spotted as Miku makes her way up large buildings. Players will have to be on their toes to get a shot of a Human, however they can often be caught standing still as Miku climbs, making it easy to spot them with a telescope. 

The Human like creatures in Submerged will disappear after completion of the story and thus can be missable.

7. Small Whale.

Submerged Creatures

The Small Whale, and I say that in the loosest of terms, I mean it’s still a Whale can be located pretty much the moment Miku sets out in her boat. The smaller of the three whales will take route straight in front of the clock tower where Miku’s brother lies. It is green in colour with red bumps on it’s back.

8. Whale Shark.

Submerged Creatures

The Whale Shark, I’ll call it that on the basis that it didn’t attempt to try to eat me, can be found around the centre of the City. Noticeable by its large dorsal fin and shark like tail fin, the Whale Shark can also breach the water with stunning grace. 

Here is what the scrapbook looks like once all creatures are found in the game.

Submerged Creatures

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