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E3 2016

State Of Decay 2 Announced For 2017; Exclusive For Xbox One & Windows 10

State of Decay 2, the follow-up to the hugely popular 2013 zombie title from Undead Labs has been announced during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference. State of Decay will be available in 2017 exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10.

State of Decay will not feature a sole single survivor but instead a community, each survivor in the game is their own person, with a unique mix of background traits, skills, and attitudes that determine what they can do, what they want, and what they are willing to do to get it. Players must use the community’s unique array of individuals to forge a path through the game that is personal to the player. Each choice shapes the identity of the players community, ensuring that no two stories are alike.

State of Decay 2 Screamer

Also, for the very first time, State of Decay can be played in solo or with up to four players. Invite friends to join a game, or drop into theirs. Work together as players explore the deadly post-apocalyptic environment, watching each other’s backs and sharing the rewards of accomplishments.

Check out the announcement trailer below.

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