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E3 2017

Spider-Man Swings in With Extended Gameplay Trailer

Spider-Man Swings in With Extended Gameplay Trailer

Closing out PlayStation’s E3 2017 Showcase, we got our first look at actual gameplay for Spider-Man’s upcoming game from Insomniac Games.

In the demo, Spidey heads to a building still under construction to take on members of “The Demons”, who are encroaching on Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin’s territory. The first section shows off a Arkham Asylum-esque section of stealth and taking out henchmen while staying out of sight. Following that was a section of more direct combat.

Here, Spider-Man appears to employ his Spider-Sense to allow the player more time to pull off smooth combos whether knocking out foes or simply pinning them to the ground with webbing. After another combat scene with a heftier foe, Spidey gets into a fight with a crane and helicopter. employing quicktime events, Spider-Man has the player pinning the crane to sides of buildings to prevent catastrophic disaster. After Spidey handles the helicopter to catch a cameo from a fan-favorite character. What could this tease mean?

Spider-Man already looks really polished, and we can’t wait to see what Insomniac Games has up their web-shooter. Even so, we have to wait until sometime in 2018 for it to release exclusively on PS4.

Stephen has been an avid gamer for nearly 25 years, fighting alongside caped crusaders, Jedi, and biotic Asari along the way. He likes to try new things but frequently comes back to Overwatch.


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