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Destiny losing its appeal? We look at the possible reasons why

Recently the number of gamers playing Destiny have dropped and this has Bungie concerned. Players that haven’t logged in to the game in the last month have received an email asking for feedback, revealed below from Reddit User UnknownRNG.

The quick survey provides a list of reasons you may not be playing anymore as well as a space for additional comments.


Since its launch in 2014, Destiny has enjoyed huge success with the shooter selling 6.3 million units in its first month with the latest Taken King Expansion being snapped up by players eager to try new raids and content.

Our reviewer, Paul Policarp has recently found his enjoyment of Destiny diminishing and tells us why he thinks players may not be that interested in the game.

“It seems like only a month ago I was naming Destiny The Taken King my game of the year. A lot can happen in a month.

I started playing after The Taken King expansion came out, around the start of October last year, so I didn’t have much of a handicap compared to other players that played from launch.


The Taken King and what is being called Destiny Year 2, overhauled a lot of systems (reportedly for the better) and made it easier for new players to start from scratch even if they were a year late to the party. However, doing your daily quests and pvp tend to bring diminishing returns as you get familiar with a gear set and stop needing Legendary Marks to get more.

What remains, for PVE players, after the couple of weeks needed to burn through all of the content, is the Raid, which you either need five friends for or go to third party LFG websites in order to do. And after you’re sick of normal mode raid you’re left with nothing to do than hard mode or challenge mode (which occasionally bugs out even if you execute everything perfectly).

Stagnating PVE or not, the PVP scene is still pretty fun, or rather used to be until a month or so ago when we started seeing poor connection speeds, high pings and little to no lag compensation. It was suspected (and denied by Bungie) that they switched to skill-based matchmaking, which disregarded connection speed altogether. Bungie later admitted to changing the matchmaking after seeing growing discontent within the community and promised to fix this.

However, bugs and connection issues and poor performance aside, what is really killing Destiny is a lack of content. There are a grand total of three raids in the game, only one of which is still relevant in terms of rewards. It’s been months since the latest content expansion and other than an unengaging Halloween event, a gimmicky racing minigame for Christmas and an upcoming small Valentine’s Day event focused on 2v2 PVP there is nothing on the horizon.

I struggled to play after my friends stopped but it just felt like a slog. Every time I did the same tired missions and the same glitchy PVP matches all I could think about was how I could be playing something that was actually less frustrating. Like Dark Souls.

In short, there’s a lack of engaging content, issues with PVP performance, an ignored demand for more high-level challenges and poor communication from the developers.

But at least they’re giving us a Hotline Bling emote.”

Play Destiny? We’d Love to hear your opinions 

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