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Every Sunday we interview an Xbox Gamer to find out what interests them in the diverse world of gaming, this week we chat to Amy aka AmybugXD, let’s start with a bit about yourself. 

Amy: My name is Amy and I live on the west coast of the US.  I have an amazing gamer boyfriend and we live together.  I go to school and work part time at a doggy daycare and really enjoy working with the dogs.  No pets right now but I do dogsit from time to time so it’s always great having a furry pal around at home once in a while.

Cherry: Who doesn’t love a furry pal! What are your passions besides gaming?

Amy: I love animals and doing whatever I can to help them.  I’m currently in pet grooming school and also volunteer at my local humane society.  I also love running and try to exercise regularly.  Just like Xbox Achievements, I like collecting 5K finisher medals, haha.

Cherry: Real life achievements can be fun too, in moderation of course.  What made you choose your gamertag?

Amy: Amybug was a nickname that an old co-worker called me on a daily basis and I always thought it was cute. The XD at the end is a smiley face because I’m a happy and upbeat person.

amybugxdCherry: What consoles do you currently own? 

Amy: Right now I have… Xbox One, 3x Xbox 360s (US, PAL, and Japanese), a PS3, PS Vita, and my PC.

Cherry: Wow, so you definitely have a lot to do then! What’s your first gaming memory?

Amy: I wasn’t allowed to play video games growing up so the day after I moved out on my own, I bought a tv, Playstation, and Final Fantasy VIII.  For some reason I knew that I wanted to be a gamer, even though I had never played them… and I was right!

Cherry: Can you tell us a bit more about Extra Life and how hard is it to stay up a full 24 hours gaming?

Amy: This year will be my sixth year playing video games for charity.  I always enjoy the event and try to get my friends involved as much as possible.  Staying up for 24 hours is pretty difficult because I’m so excited that I don’t sleep very well the night before, haha.

Cherry: Six years doing it is pretty amazing. What is your favourite series/franchise?

Amy: It’s a tie between Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls.  I love them both very very much.

Cherry: Aww no video games growing up. What was the last game you stayed up all night to play?

Amy: I used to stay up a lot playing WoW but recently that last time I stayed up all night was during Extra Life playing Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

amybug interview

Cherry: Both amazing games.  Who is your favourite video game character?

Amy: Auron from Final Fantasy X.  He’s such a badass yet his story really got me super emotional.

Cherry: What was the first achievement you unlocked?

Amy: Halo Reach – Make it Drizzle (Purchased an item from the Armory.) on September 15th, 2010.

Cherry: Do achievements matter to you?

Amy: I enjoy earning gamerscore and if they make the game more enjoyable by adding extra “quests” for me to do, great.  If they are super frustrating, it’s more fun to just ignore them and not let my game experience be affected too much.

Cherry: Some achievements definitely ruin the experience of the game.  Why do you play video games?

Amy: Some people love reading books, some people love watching movies… I love to play video games.  It’s a great way to pass the time and satisfying when you win.

Cherry: Talking about winning, Do you like to challenge yourself or do you prefer a more story-driven experience?

Amy: I enjoy both but if I had to choose, I’d prefer a story driven experience.  I typically play RPGs on easy so I can focus on enjoying the story.

amybugxd gamerview

Cherry:Yeah it sucks when they add difficulty achievements to RPGs .Are you normally found hiding in darkness (or bushes)  ready to stealth kill your enemy or do you prefer to go in all guns blazing?

Amy: If I know that I’ll win, I go bonkers with guns blazing.  I get impatient if I’m forced to sneak around too much, haha.

Cherry: At least you give it a shot, Do you prefer to get lost in a game and play single player or a more co-op/multiplayer experience?

Amy: I enjoy a single player experience for things like RPGs because I like to be in control of the decisions made plus I take my sweet time looking for collectibles, materials, etc.  The co-op experience is my favorite for games like Gears of War series, Saints Row, etc.

Cherry: I see you like to stream your gameplay via twitch, what have been your experiences so far and does knowing people are watching you change the way you game?

Amy: I started streaming because of Extra Life and thought it was fun.  I appreciate when my friends watch and I also enjoy meeting other gamers.  My playstyle is still the same when people are watching me, hopefully it’s fun to watch…that includes raging when I play a platformer, haha.  I wish that I had the time to stream a lot more, it’ll probably happen after I complete school.

Cherry: lol I think I would scare a lot of people with the way I rage during Platformers, What are you currently playing and what are your thoughts on it?

Amy: Well I just finished Monopoly Plus and that was fun, easy points, took me about 2 hours to get all of the achievements.  Going to start Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris today for some epic co-op action!

amy plays hitboxFollow Amy on Hitbox and check out her amazing stream

Cherry: Any games you thought were going to be great but turned out to be a huge disappointment?

Amy: Final Fantasy XIII… I love the series but I was pretty disappointed with it.  I found the story boring, combat was dull, and it was too linear.  Please don’t be mad at me Cherry, haha.

Cherry: Oh my god. Interview terminated. lol. Any underrated games you would recommend?

Amy: For recent games, it has to be Murdered: Soul Suspect. The Metacritic score is only 51 but I really love that game.  I enjoyed the story and gameplay, I think it’s brilliant!

Cherry: What games do you wish would release a sequel?

Amy: I’m so ready for Fallout 4!  

Cherry: Me too!! If you were in a Zombie Apocalypse, which three game characters would you want protecting you and why?

Amy: Auron from Final Fantasy X for being a dedicated guardian, Marcus from Gears of War for being a badass with a gun, and a Big Daddy from Bioshock because of their heavy armor.

amy gamerview

Cherry: That’s definitely a badass team you got there, In games do you normally choose the good or bad options and why?

Amy: I always make the good karma decisions.  I feel guilty if I do bad things in video games.

Cherry: Glad I’m not the only one, What’s your Funniest gaming moment?

Amy: The first thing that pops into my head is playing Dead Rising 2 co-op with my boyfriend.  Our characters would wear the most ridiculous outfits ever and while causing mayhem in a shopping mall.  So much fun, haha.

Cherry: The outfits in the Dead Rising games are pretty funny, at least the zombies can’t tell if you look like an idiot. Well thanks for taking the time to talk to us for our third gamer interview.


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