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Battletech Interview with Jordan Weisman

Harebrained Schemes, Battletech Kickstarter Campaign had barely been running for an hour when it had broken through it’s goal of $250,000, currently sitting at around $1,7m with 19 days to run, Battletech is on course to reach all of it’s stretch goals. Harebrained Designer Jordan Weisman took the time to speak to us about the campaign and their plans for Battletech.

PA2J: Battletech smashed through its $250,000 Kickstarter goal in less than an hour, describe how that feels?

Jordan Weisman: It feels amazing. its a testament to the strength and devotion of our community who put their faith in us as a company and love the BT Universe. Our internal goal was to hit $1M in the first 24 hours which we did.

PA2J: With the money being raised so quickly the Single Player Campaign has already been fully funded, what can players expect from Battletech’s solo campaign?

Jordan Weisman: A single player skirmish mode with all the richness of 25+ mechs and maps and all of the core stuff you’d find in the combat engine – we are funding all that work. core BT fans will really enjoy it. Our hopes in crowdfunding with fans is to expand it to a single player linear campaign and open ended story campaign, and hopefully eventually into multiplayer


[From the KS Page] Think of the STAGE 1 SKIRMISH GAME like a personal ‘Mech command simulation – you’ll be able to set the parameters and difficulty level of each skirmish game, challenging yourself to defeat larger and larger AI-controlled enemy forces over more and more difficult terrain. Or, choose from a variety of pre-built combat encounters created by our design team.

Between skirmishes, customize your BattleMechs in the ‘Mech Bay. Choose from over twenty-five 3025-era Inner Sphere ‘Mech chassis, and configure the weapon loadout, armor, heat sinks, and paint scheme for each. If you want to dive even deeper, tweak their engine, gyros, actuators, and shock absorbers – all of which will impact the ‘Mech’s battlefield performance in different ways.
In the Ready Room, select the best pilots for the ‘Mechs you’ve configured. Each MechWarrior will have their own ‘Mech and weapon specializations, as well as certain special abilities that can be used on the battlefield.

Oh, and one more thing: we want to put the PUNCH back into BattleTech. This game will include MELEE COMBAT and DEATH FROM ABOVE!


PA2J: Can you tell me a little about the Mech’s that will feature in the game?

Jordan Weisman: BATTLETECH is in pre-production, so many decisions, like the final ‘Mech roster, are not yet determined. But here are the ‘Mechs we’re currently planning to include:

LIGHT: Locust, Commando, Spider, Firestarter, Jenner, Panther, Raven, Urbanmech

MEDIUM: Cicada, Blackjack, Vindicator, Centurion, Enforcer, Hunchback, Trebuchet, Griffin, Kintaro, Shadowhawk, Wolverine

HEAVY: Dragon, Quickdraw, Catapult, JagerMech, Thunderbolt, Cataphract, Grasshopper, Orion

ASSAULT: Awesome, Victor, Zeus, BattleMaster, Stalker, Highlander, Banshee, King Crab, Atlas

PA2J: Can you give some insight into the level of control players will have when it comes to the Mech’s load-outs, what kind of freedom is there?

Jordan Weisman: Our vision is for players to be able to load out their ‘Mechs in fantastic detail – and not just weapons, ammo, armor, and heat sinks. We want them to be able to dive deeper and modify engines, gyros, actuators, and even shock absorbers to change the performance of the ‘Mech, if they wish.


PA2J: How do you plan to utilize the PVP Multiplayer Mode if funding is successful?

Jordan Weisman: PvP multiplayer combat will be set in BattleTech’s famous arenas of Solaris VII.

[From the KS page] The neutral planet of Solaris VII is home to the Inner Sphere’s most famous gladiatorial ‘Mech combat arenas. Here players can challenge each other to casual PvP battles or enter our matchmaking system to be matched against an appropriately experienced opponent.

Each Great House maintains an embassy and a namesake arena on Solaris VII and each has very different gameplay features – from the Roman-inspired Steiner Coliseum to the frozen glaciers of Davion’s Boreal Reach (or one of Davion’s many other holographic environs).

Tournaments and Leagues will reward the victor with various prizes and Leaderboard fame.


PA2J: Do you have any future plans to release Battletech onto the next gen consoles?

Jordan Weisman:: No plans for console at the moment. BATTLETECH will release on Windows, Mac and Linux through Steam, GOG or Humble. DRM-free versions will also available.

PA2J: Do you have a favourite Mech and what is the reason for that choice?

Jordan Weisman: There are several. Our first original ‘Mech was the Hatchetman so it will always have a soft spot in my heart, the Atlas with its stark skull is another favorite as is the MadCat. Now, the MadCat won’t be in our game because in 3025 the Clans haven’t invaded yet, but it’s still one of my favourites because it was the first Clan ‘Mech we designed.

Huge thanks to Jordan Weisman for taking time out to chat with us, visit the Battletech Kickstarter Page for more information or to support the game.

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