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The Atom Shrinks Into Injustice 2’s Roster

Injustice 2‘s roster has been growing over the last few months since it’s worldwide release in May. A seventh DLC fighter has now been announced.

The Atom will be joining the ranks of the playable superheroes and supervillains with all of his shrinking and growth abilities intact. This version of the Atom is the Ryan Choi version, a Hong Kong native first introduced in 2006. His loyalties are aligned with Batman and his insurgency against Superman’s tyranny. The trailer above showcases how the Atom will fight with every bit of his power.

No date has been announced yet, but it is likely that Atom will debut as part of the 3rd fighter pack after Hellboy. The Atom follows after Sub-Zero, Starfire, Red Hood, Black Manta, and the just-released Raiden. Two more characters are expected to join the roster in the future.

Stephen has been an avid gamer for nearly 25 years, fighting alongside caped crusaders, Jedi, and biotic Asari along the way. He likes to try new things but frequently comes back to Overwatch.


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