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ClusterTruck Now Available For Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One

Landfall Games’ whacky and wonderful ClusterTruck is coming to Xbox One on October 28th.

ClusterTruck is a platforming game with a twist. Players must not touch the floor while using moving trucks to reach the end of each stage in the game. ClusterTruck also throws in numerous extra obstacles such as flamethrowers, swinging hammers and lasers.


You may also recall developer Landfall Games teaming up with the Superhot team to create the best April fool’s joke of all – SuperTruck.

A demo version of the game is currently available according to Major Nelson’s blog post, with the full game due out on Xbox One October 28th for £11.99.

Let us know if you will be using your quick reflexes and agility to stay on top in ClusterTruck.

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