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Creepy Survival Sim ‘The Forest’ Finally Coming to PS4 in 2018

Creepy Survival Sim ‘The Forest’ Finally Coming to PS4 in 2018

It’s been 2 years since Endnight Games’ creepy survival game The Forest was first announced for PS4, but it looks like the wait for the games release on console is almost over.

Over this past weekend at PSX 2017, the developer unleashed a new PS4 multiplayer trailer for The Forest with the description alluding to a 2018 release. The Forest, which sees players looking to survive the attentions of a group of cannibalistic mutants deep in the woodlands first entered Steam Early Access in 2014, but will likely leave the program sometime in 2018 for a full release on PC and PS4.

If you haven’t guessed it already, The Forest features multiplayer as players attempt to survive the harsh environments of the forest cooperatively with friends. As for a concrete release date, we’ll have more on that for you as and when it becomes available. For now though, check out the latest trailer down below.

Paula has been a passionate gamer since she spent hours playing Crash Bandicoot and Spyro during her childhood. She is a huge fan of RPGs and loses hundreds of hours searching for every sidequest. Not one for missing out, she games on both XB1 & PS4.


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