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Until Dawn Looks a Whole Lot Different as a First-Person Game on PS3

Supermassive Games, third-person survival horror thriller Until Dawn launched to largely positive acclaim after it released exclusively for the PS4 in August of 2015, but the game was originally intended to be completely different to what we’ve come to know and love.

In fact, Until Dawn was first announced as a PlayStation Move Exclusive, meant for PS3 before significant delays pushed the game’s launch so far back that it eventually became a PS4 Exclusive, with the use of PlayStations Move control sticks, removed entirely from the game. Until Dawn was also originally in development to be a first-person title, this was replaced by a third-person camera angle that would serve the survival horror game well post-launch in 2015.

That left us to ponder how Supermassive Games brilliant thriller, a game that follows a group of friends under attack inside Blackwood Pines lodge and the surrounding snowy mountains would have looked had its intended development come to fruition, something YouTuber PtoPOnline has helped to alleviate with a video shared that claims to be a prototype of Until Dawn running on the PS3 in first-person.

Until Dawn proved to be a success for the British-based developer and Sony and was followed this year by PSVR Exclusive Until Dawn A Rush of Blood, an excellent bloody on-the-rail shooter that accompanied the launch of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset in October 2016.

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