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Dishonored 2’s First Free Update Available December 19th; Introduces New Game Plus

Dishonored 2‘s first free update is available on December 19th, with a PC beta launching today.

The update introduces ‘New Game Plus’ which allows players to begin the story of Dishonored 2 again, this time around with all Bonecharms, Traits and Runes gathered during a previous playthrough, with the option to re-assign these to a different power set if you so choose. 

New Game Mode also allows players to readily combine Emily and Corvo’s powers to create any cunning combo you can think up.

The first free update for Dishonored 2 is available December 19th on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with the second free update being made available in January 2017 which will contain custom difficulties and Mission Select.

Brandon has been gaming for over a decade and whilst it’s not as long as others has survived just as many encounters as most. From hiding in a cardboard box to collecting 120 stars. Brandon’s favourite game series is Halo but he enjoys stealth games and RPG’s also. He studies media at A-level and can be typically be found boarding covenant ships.


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