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The Elder Scrolls Online Visits Clockwork City Starting October 23rd

The Elder Scrolls Online Visits Clockwork City Starting October 23rd

Bethesda has announced the dates and pricing for the upcoming DLC that will bring The Elder Scrolls Online players into Clockwork City.

Players will be exploring Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City in the search for a new Deadric threat. Aside from the 10 hours that the plot is expected to take, players will also have a new trial called the Asylum Sanctum. This new trial will test 12-player groups but offer treasure like new armor sets, customization items, crafting motifs and more.

For those that want to get into new content now though, all players can embark on a new prologue quest. This quest will have players investigating why diviners, scholar’s, and archeologists are being murdered by their own shadows. The quest can be found in any Mages Guild HQ in Tamriel.

Clockwork City for The Elder Scrolls Online will launch October 23rd on PC and Mac, and will arrive on Xbox One and PS4 November 7th. ESO Plus members can download the DLC for free, while the base version will cost 2,000 in-game crowns. A Collector;s Bundle will also be available and will also grant players a Clockwork Skeevaton pet, Kagouti Fabricant mount, and five Crown Experience Scrolls. The Collector’s Edition will cost 4,000 in-game crowns.

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