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Fortnite Beats PUBG’s Steam Record for Concurrent Players

Fortnite Beats PUBG’s Steam Record for Concurrent Players

Epic Games’ Fortnite has beaten the concurrent player record of fellow Battle Royale rival PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this past weekend on Steam.

PUBG had held the previous record with an earth-shattering 3.2 million concurrent players, a figure that was bested by Fortnite this past weekend when it registered a cool 3.4 million on Steam despite the weekend being plagued by server downtime.

“It’s been an amazing and exhilarating experience to grow Fortnite from our previous peak of 60K concurrent players to 3.4M in just a few months, making it perhaps the biggest PC/console game in the world!,” said the Epic Team over on the Fortnite website. “All of this has been accomplished in just a few months by a small team of veteran online developers — and we’d love to welcome a few more folks like yourself to join Epic Games on this journey!”

Epic Games’ Fortnite only recently introduced its Battle Royale expansion back in September of 2017, a move that clearly angered the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer who incidentally uses Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 to power its popular 100 player shooter.

The latest piece of information is unlikely to come as a blow to PUBG Corp and developer Bluehole who are still riding the crest of a wave following PUBG‘s rip-roaring successful debut on both PC and console.

Looking forward, Epic recently confirmed its plans for Valentine’s Day which include the release of a new update for Fortnite in the shape of 2.4.2, which introduces a brand new weapon along with various love-themed treats.

Better known as RzrsS in the video game scene, Stephan Rodts has been playing video games for nearly his entire life. He started out shooting poor ducks out of the sky in Duck Hunt on the Nintendo, but now shoots everything that moves. Be warned.


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