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Game Gifting on Xbox One Looks Like a Done Deal

Game Gifting on Xbox One Looks Like a Done Deal

For years Steam users have enjoyed the option to gift digital games to friends, and now it seems Xbox is following suit.

A report by Windows Central notes that game gifting has already been rolled out to a select number of players in the Xbox Insider Program. According to the publication, the option to gift a game to another play currently resides right next to the option to purchase the game for yourself. After clicking the option to ‘Buy as Gift’, players are then prompted to enter an email address of their choosing, or simply select a friend from their Xbox One friend’s list. Once completed the player chosen will receive a 25-digit game code by email.

Image Credit: Windows Central

The new feature is yet to be announced by Microsoft. Though updates on the Xbox One via the Insider Program tend to make their way out into the open world shortly after.

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