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Harvest Moon Light of Hope


Harvest Moon Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Title

There’s a whole lot of virtual farming in player’s futures with newly announced plans from publisher Natsume to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harvest Moon.

Chief among these plans is the announcement of a brand new entry in the venerable series, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Like the previous titles, Light of Hope will see a new rancher end up at a town that has seen better days. Through the rancher’s farming, the town will be revitalized. With more information expected to be released during E3, the new title will be released on PS4, and Nintendo Switch, and be the first Harvest Moon title available for Windows PC.

Natsume isn’t stopping there though, fans of the series can expect four other releases this year. On the Wii U, Harvest Moon 64 will see the light of day through the Virtual Console service. PS4 owners have even more to look forward to, with two titles ready to arrive: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland. It’s presently unknown if these will be remastered or released as PS2 Classics. Finally, Natsume is partnering with Rising Star Games once more, but this time to release a mobile game titled Harvest Moon: Lil’ Farmers. It is unknown what mobile platforms Lil’ Farmers will release on. Further, no release dates for these titles have been announced.

Harvest Moon made it’s North American debut in 1997 with the original title on the Super Nintendo. Since then, over 30 titles have been released in the farming simulator series across 12 different platforms. Natsume has set up an Anniversary page to take a look at the franchise’s history right here.

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