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one night in karazhan


One Night in Karazhan is Hearthstone’s Next Adventure

Hearthstone‘s next single player Adventure will take the shape of a luxurious and lavish party at Medhiv’s tower Karazhan. Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment had this to say: “ One Night in Karazhan will give players the chance to party with Medivh while earning some great new cards for their collections. We’re excited to reimagine one of Azeroth’s most beloved locations in Hearthstone, and we can’t wait to see players put their new decks to the test.

The premise is that once you arrive at the party you find out that the host, Medivh, has gone missing and his collection of magical trinkets is now out of control, wreaking havoc throughout the castle. With the aid of Moroes, Medivh’s valet, you need to keep the party under control and help find the host. The adventure promises various iconic Warcraft characters and items, as well as 45 new cards to add to your decks.

One Night in Karazhan will be released on August 12 on desktop and mobile platforms. As for past adventures, the four wings of the adventure will be made available weekly and one at a time and will cost either 13.99 of your currency or regional equivalent on PC, Mac and Android and 14.99 on iOS. Alternatively you can purchase one wing at a time for 4.99 or 700 in-game gold pieces as well as discounted bundles based on how many individual wings you’ve purchased. All players will be able to play one prologue mission for free upon release and earn two of the new cards. Purchasing the full adventure during the first week will net you a special card-back. More details are available at the official website.

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