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HTC Vive Most Popular VR Platform to Develop For, Survey Finds

Image Courtesy of The Daily Dot

HTC Vive Most Popular VR Platform to Develop For, Survey Finds

The Virtual Reality Developers Conference has revealed in their second annual VR/AR Innovation Report that the HTC Vive is the most popular VR platform to develop for.

The report was compiled from responses from 600 professionals involved in the development of VR, AR, and MR projects. Among the findings in the report is a whopping 78% of responses citing current work being geared towards gaming and entertainment. In contrast, 27% of respondents cited education and training as current goals, and 19% cited “Branded Experiences”, usually shown as rendering an environment to promote a brand. Some of the respondents did cite multiple projects.

Meanwhile HTC Vive claims the most popular platform for VR and AR development with 56% of industry professionals stating that current projects are being developed for the Vive. Oculus however, isn’t too far behind with 49% of respondents working on a release there. The future of development looks a little more mixed though. 52% state that the Vive is in mind for a future project while 50% cite Oculus Rift.

Despite those numbers, exclusive releases are on professional’s minds. 31% of them state they plan on releasing their next project on one platform. Wether this means a permanent exclusivity release or merely timed was not elaborated in the survey. Of those that say they will release a project on one platform, 35% cite the Vive as the platform of choice with 19% going to Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR each.

The Virtual Reality Developers Conference will be taking place this year in San Francisco, California over September 21st and 22nd. From the organizers of the Game Developers Conference, The VRDC hopes to strives to bring the latest in VR, AR, and MR development together.

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