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Luigi Finally Gracing Super Mario Odyssey Next Month with Free Update

Image Credit: Polygon

Luigi Finally Gracing Super Mario Odyssey Next Month with Free Update

If you’re anything like us you would have undoubtedly been surprised and somewhat disappointed to find Mario’s lovable brother Luigi missing from the former plumber’s latest adventure in Super Mario Odyessy.

That Luigi shaped hole has not gone completely unnoticed by Nintendo though, who will bring Mario’s iconic sibling to Super Mario Odyessy as part of a free update next month. Sadly for us, Luigi won’t be a playable character upon his inclusion in the game, but instead will be the master of ceremonies for a new mode titled Luigi’s Balloon World.

Luigi’s Balloon World is a two-part mode with Hide It, a mode that gives players 30 seconds to hide a balloon and Find It, which has players do the complete opposite, scouting out balloons across New Donk City.

To access and meet Luigi, players will have had to have completed Super Mario Odyssey‘s main story first.

The free update also introduces new items of clothing for Mario with Sunshine Shades, Musician Hat and Knight Helmet available to the player, plus new filters for Super Mario Odyssey‘s photo mode.

Super Mario Odyssey is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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