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Mass Effect: Andromeda EA/Origin Trial Will Limit Campaign Progress; Multiplayer Unresricted

The upcoming EA/Origin Access trial for Mass Effect: Andromeda will restrict player story progression, BioWare producer Fernando Melo has revealed.

You can play it all in sp (single player) if you want, but it is gated (you can’t cont story after a point, but can explore or restart for ex),” explained Melo who was responding to a question via Twitter.

Andromeda’s 10-hour trial will not though restrict multiplayer with all progression carrying over to the full game when it releases March 21st in North America and 23rd in Europe.

EA/Origin Access is a subscription-based service for Xbox One and PC, offering its members a 10 hour trial for a selection of Electronic Arts games 5 days prior to its release, with past games Battlefield 1, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and FIFA 17 all included.

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