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Mobile Network Announce Mapping Tool To Help UK Residents “Catch ‘Em All” In Pokémon GO

Community-led mobile network Giffgaff, best known for its no-contract approach to mobile has announced a new mapping tool that will help fans of Pokémon GO throughout the UK to find and catch ‘em all.

The mapping tool service, created in response to members of Giffgaff’s community who had been sharing tips and information about the location-based game, will also show players the location of charging points so members can ensure they don’t run out of battery power while out, as well as nearby food and drink locations

The new technology will allow Giffgaff to provide its members with key hotspots throughout the United Kingdom, where they can go to catch Pokemon, check out PokeStops, and even meet up with fellow members of the community to do battle.

“Our members are at the heart of our business. We have seen that our online community has reacted in a big way to Pokemon Go, and so we wanted to offer them something to make their gaming even more fun,” said Ashley Schofield, Marketing & Experience Chief at Giffgaff.

Dan has been gaming for nearly 30 years and has survived everything from Nuclear Fallouts to Zombie Outbreaks but his main love is Survival Horror and don't we all know it. Favourite games include Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto, he can be regularly found cruising the streets of Vice City listening to the classics.


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