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Nintendo Sells 10 Million Switch Consoles Worldwide

Nintendo Sells 10 Million Switch Consoles Worldwide

Any doubts of Nintendo’s runaway success of the Switch can now be put to rest.

In only 9 months of sales, Nintendo haas managed to sell 10 million Switch consoles. How does that compare to previous sales? The Wii U in it’s lifetime sold 13.56 million consoles. These figures have already surpassed that of the Dreamcast’s lifetime sales. It still has about 20 million consoles to go before it is on par with the last estimation of the Xbox One’s sales.

Sales of this magnitude aren’t surprising given that the Switch was one of the most-purchased items over Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Additionally, the Switch was consistently the best selling console for six out of the nine months in the United States. Nintendo themselves have also said that they expect to sell 14 million by March of 2018, the 1-year mark of availability for the console.

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