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No Man’s Sky Update 1.3 Rolls Out Later This Week, Improves Story and Adds Fast Travel

No Man’s Sky Update 1.3 Rolls Out Later This Week, Improves Story and Adds Fast Travel

Hello Games’ procedurally generated action adventure game No Man’s Sky will receive a new patch later this week to celebrate a year following the game’s controversial launch on PS4 and PC.

In a letter to fans, the game’s director Sean Murray wrote, “It’s been a year since No Man’s Sky first released, and it’s been an exciting, intense and emotional year for us at Hello Games. We have been quiet, but we have been listening intently.”

We learn that Atlus Rises or Update 1.3 will release this week and will be available for free to all No Man’s Sky players. Update 1.3 will focus on improving the overall story of No Man’s Sky while adding the ability to fast travel between locations using portals.

There is no mention of an exact date for Update 1.3 or the size of the update, but it will be available for PS4 and PC sometime later this week.

Following unprecedented hype, No Man’s Sky launched in controversial fashion in August of 2016 with Murray promising a multiplayer feature that failed to appear upon launch. Elsewhere, many critics found No Man’s Sky to be a repetitive and monotonous experience with lacklustre and tedious gameplay elements.

Hello Games has continued to support No Man’s Sky post-launch with various free updates including Pathfinder, which launched in March.

No Man’s Sky is out now on PS4 and PC.

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