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Origami Mirages And Characters Bring The World Of Final Fantasy To Life

Square Enix has created origami versions of three popular characters set to appear in the upcoming epic and adorable adventure, World of Final Fantasy, coming to PS4 and PS Vita October 28th.

MCM London will host Chocobo’s, cactuars and Lann and Reynn’s steadfast companion Tama with instructions for creating adorable paper versions of each character available at the London Origami booth throughout the duration of the show beginning Friday 28th October. The London Origami staff will be on hand for help in case fans get stuck creating the perfect Cactuar or Tama’s majestic crown.

A playable demo is now live on the PlayStation Store that grants users the ability to unlock a set of in-game armour when the full game launches.

World of Final Fantasy launches October 28th for PS4 and PSV.

Brandon has been gaming for over a decade and whilst it’s not as long as others has survived just as many encounters as most. From hiding in a cardboard box to collecting 120 stars. Brandon’s favourite game series is Halo but he enjoys stealth games and RPG’s also. He studies media at A-level and can be typically be found boarding covenant ships.


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