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Overwatch Changes the Game With New Patch

Overwatch isn’t letting its players catch a break this week with new patch notes being released ahead of a new competitive season starting tonight.

With Season Four of the Competitive Season having ended only two days ago, the current break between seasons represents the shortest span yet in Overwatch. Not content with having a new competitive season begin during the anniversary celebration, Blizzard has also announced new patch notes for the Public Test Realm available to PC players.

Among the changes is most notably a new map that is similar to maps like Hanamura which feature two-control points that the attacking team must capture to ensure victory. The map is based on the Horizon Lunar Colony where the in-game playable character Winston was raised. There, he was subject to scientific tests with the goal of enriching humanity. However, other gorillas were not as welcoming. What happened is as of yet unknown.

While that’s the most obvious change, 3 heroes have also been rebalanced, with one facing a possible nerf. That hero is Roadhog who has found his bullet damage reduced, but his fire rate and clip size increased. Blizzard states this should lead to an elimination of the hook-and-shoot combo, but that his damage-per-second ratio should remain the same. Additionally, critical hits to Roadhog will be harder as his critical hitbox was reduced by 20%.

McCree, Overwatch’s resident cowboy, is seeing a significant buff to his ultimate ability, Dead-Eye. His ability will now lock-on to opponents in his field of view much faster, and in the first second will deal more damage. Because of this, expect to get hit by McCree’s ultimate ability before you have a chance to react.

Reaper is also seeing a buff, but it’s a strange one. Before this patch, Reaper could gain health by eliminating other players and absorbing a health orb. However, as Blizzard puts it, that is only useful when the Reaper player already has the upper hand. The new patch allows Reaper to gain back 20% of the damage he deals as health. This means for every successful hit against an enemy player, Reaper will regain health.

These alterations to the characters are sure to change the way teams in the upcoming 2017 Overwatch World Cup go about selecting characters should Blizzard choose to forward the patch from PC’s Public Test Realm to all players and platforms.

To see the entirety of the patch notes visit here.

Overwatch released in 2016 on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC. It is a multiplayer first-person-shooter title that pits players against each other as a diverse cast of characters who take to battlefields located all around the world, and now on the moon.

Stephen has been an avid gamer for nearly 25 years, fighting alongside caped crusaders, Jedi, and biotic Asari along the way. He likes to try new things but frequently comes back to Overwatch.


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