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PlayStation Plus July 2017


PlayStation Plus Puts Summer on Ice in July’s Free Titles

PlayStation Plus Puts Summer on Ice in July’s Free Titles

PlayStation has just announced the new titles for your Instant Game Collection on PS4, PS3, and the Vita. You may want to bundle up, it’s going to be a cold one.

First on PS4 is the exclusive horror title Until Dawn. Players take on the roles of eight different characters each trying to survive at a lodge in the mountains of Alberta, Canada. But be careful, as your decisions will have consequences for all eight characters. Until Dawn debuted in August of 2015 from Supermassive Games.

The second title on PS4 is one about a Song of Fire and Ice. Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series will be making its way with all six episodes in tow. Players take on multiple characters in a branching narrative from the story artists at Telltale Games. The players decisions and indecisions will decide the fate of House Forrester during the events of the fourth season of the HBO drama. Game of Thrones was released periodically from December of 2014 to November of 2015.

On PS3, PlayStation Plus subscribers can expect to see Tokyo Jungle, a title set in a futuristic yet deserted version of Tokyo. In the game, players will be able to learn what happened to mankind and see how long they can survive a Tokyo that has been reclaimed by nature. Tokyo Jungle originally released in 2012 from Sony’s Japan Studio.

The second PS3 title is Darkstalkers Resurrection from Iron Galaxy Studios and Capcom. Inside, players can find classic 2D fighting games Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 which released in 1995 and 1997 respectively. The compilation boasts HD visuals, online play, and replay sharing. The compilation originally released in 2013 to acclaim, but reportedly sluggish sales.

But what of the Vita? It hasn’t been forgotten just yet, and PlayStation is still offering up 2 titles on the handheld. First up is Element4l from i-illusions, an experimental platform title that originally released in 2015. In Element4l, players control the four elements in order to shape life. The other title available for Vita is Don’t Die, Mr. Robot which is also available as a cross-buy title for PS4. Infinite State Games brings classic gameplay where you must avoid everything trying to kill the player for as long as possible. But how do you rid yourself of all the baddies? Exploding fruit, of course! Don’t Die, Mr. Robot released only last year.

Six new titles up for grabs for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and each one will be available on July 4th.

Stephen has been an avid gamer for nearly 25 years, fighting alongside caped crusaders, Jedi, and biotic Asari along the way. He likes to try new things but frequently comes back to Overwatch.


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