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Rocket League 2018 Plans Detailed; Studio Actively Working on Cross-Platform Party Support

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Rocket League 2018 Plans Detailed; Studio Actively Working on Cross-Platform Party Support

Two years on from its initial release on PC, I think its safe to say that Rocket League has been somewhat of a successful venture for developer Psyonix. Following its recent launch on Nintendo Switch in November, the hugely popular rocket-powered sports game is now available on all major platforms. According to a recent 2017 review by the developer though, Psyonix is still far from being done with development for Rocket League.

Following its reflection of a great 2017 for Rocket League on the games official website, the developer outlined its plans for 2018. Of those plans for next year, Psyonix talks about Rocket League‘s in-game tournaments feature, which is still on track despite delaying the initial beta until early 2018. There is also a mention of a revamped progressional system to make XP “meaningful again”, with players likely to unlock new banners, titles and free Decryptors regularly by levelling up in-game. PS4 and Xbox One owners can look forward to unlocking more achievements and trophies for Rocket League in 2018 while the studio has “a ton” of updates in store to improve the daily experience.

Psyonix concluded its 2017 review by confirming that it is actively working on cross-platform party support with a 2018 release in mind following successful PsyNet Party tests this Fall on PC and the feature now stably powered on Nintendo Switch.

Rocket League is out now on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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