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Red Dead Redemption Sales Skyrocket Following Backwards Compatibility Announcement

Sales for Rockstar Games 2010 classic western shooter Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox 360 have skyrocketed since yesterday’s announcement regarding its impending arrival for backwards compatibility on Xbox One.

After weeks and months of speculation, it was finally announced yesterday that RDR would be made available on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility which has sent sales for the popular shooter through the roof overnight on Amazon in the UK. Sales for Red Dead Redemption jumped by 5,911% on overnight with players flocking to purchase a copy of the game in anticipation of its availability this coming Friday on the current generation console.

The huge leap in sales has seen the original title released back in 2010 jump to No.1 in the Amazon PC and Console hourly charts, its previous standing was a lowly 1082, additionally, the Game Of The Year Edition of RDR has jumped to second in the charts having previously been ranked in No. 755.

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