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Rockstar Games Unveils New Trailer and Story Details for Red Dead Redemption II

Since the announcement of Red Dead Redemption II back in October of 2016, all we have had for details are some screens and an announcement trailer. Today, Rockstar gave us a fresh new look into the game via a new trailer.

In this new trailer the player character, revealed to be Arthur Morgan, works with the Van der Linde gang to stake their claim in the Western United States. The trailer shows glimpses of Morgan shaking down people to get what he needs, whatever that may be. Shootouts, train robberies and hunting are also glimpsed but the most tantalizing detail is that only one other character is named: Dutch.

Fans of 2010’s Red Dead Redemption may recognize that name, and given the events there and with no other details about who that is, it stands to reason that the rumors are true and that this new game is a prequel. Environments appear much more varied from Red Dead Redemption, with the trailer showing the expected campsites, Old West-style towns, but also crocodile-infested swamplands, and snowy mountains.

Red Dead Redemption II is still slated to release in Spring of 2018 on Xbox One and PS4 following a delay from this year. No announcement has been made regarding potential PC or Nintendo Switch versions, or what advantages Xbox One X and PS4 Pro owners may enjoy.

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