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Skyrim: Special Edition Set to Introduce Survival Mode

Skyrim: Special Edition Set to Introduce Survival Mode

Bethesda is continuing to update Skyrim almost 6 years after its initial release.

Players of Skyrim: Special Edition will soon be able to survive as nature intended with the introduction of Survival Mode added to the games most recent addition. In fact, PC players can already experience a loss of hunger and threat of hypothermia right now through Steam’s beta test. Fret not ye Xbox One and PS4 users, Survival Mode is on the way for consoles and is expected to become available early October, according to Bethesda. Survival won’t come for free though, with a week’s worth afforded to all platforms prior to being made available at an as of yet, unknown price.

Tired of wandering the Old Kingdom? Survival Mode is set to spice up the action. As with every recent Fallout game, players will run the risk of starvation if they don’t eat regularly, or freeze to death without warm clothes. Of course, fast travel is out of the question, though players can still travel about by boat or horseback, but in doing so will ultimately suffer from a variation of worrying bodily issues such as fatigue and the like. Additionally, players won’t be able to carry as much as before with a reduction on carried weight that will have you encumbered and dumping those blasted mugs and useless plates quicker than ever before.

Lastly, Vampires and Werewolves aren’t immune to Survive Mode and will need to feed on human flesh regularly in a bid to stave off hunger. However, once transformed they will not be as affected by the cold conditions as much as humans.

For more information on Survival Mode head over to the official Bethesda website.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Special Edition is available now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Dan has been gaming for nearly 30 years and has survived everything from Nuclear Fallouts to Zombie Outbreaks but his main love is Survival Horror and don't we all know it. Favourite games include Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto, he can be regularly found cruising the streets of Vice City listening to the classics.


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