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Sonic Mania Celebrates Sonic’s 26th Anniversary with Vinyl Album

Sonic Mania Celebrates Sonic’s 26th Anniversary with Vinyl Album

Today, on Sonic The Hedgehog‘s 26th birthday no less, Sega has announced that a vinyl album will be released courtesy of Data Discs.

While no release date was announced, the album will have two records that will contain select tracks from Sonic Mania composer Tee Lopes. The records will be available in Sonic Blue, Classic Black, or a Limited Edition that will be available exclusively from Data Discs. The album will also offer a download code for lossless and lossy versions of a digital album. Those interested in getting the vinyl release can pre-order in July from Data Discs.

Sonic Mania is set to release this August 15th worldwide on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. Sonic Mania promises to be a 2D platformer that takes classic stages from your favorite Sonic titles and changes them up just a bit while throwing all-new ones your way.

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