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Sony Sold 2 Million PS4 Consoles This Past Week According to Ubisoft Events Specialist

Sony shipped 2 million PS4 consoles worldwide this past week, according to Sunny Sanghera – UK Events Specialist at Ubisoft.

Sony Computer Entertainment is yet to release a statement regarding its sales for the past week, ending November 26th, but the launch of Sony’s latest console PS4 Pro the previous week coupled with fantastic Black Friday promotional bundles is likely the cause for the jolt in sales figures this past week.

Additionally, Black Friday promotions drove notable PS4 exclusives Uncharted 4, Driveclub and Ratchet & Clank up the charts in a week that saw the biggest hardware sales for the PS4 in the UK since last year’s Black Friday sales.

[Update] The tweet has now been removed by Sunny Sanghera, but you can still catch it below:

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