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Techland Announces New PvP Expansion ‘Bad Blood’ for Dying Light

Techland Announces New PvP Expansion ‘Bad Blood’ for Dying Light

In response to overwhelming fan requests, Techland today announced that PvP is coming to Dying Light with a new expansion called Bad Blood.

Techland has continued to support Dying Light following its 2015 release with numerous expansions such as The Following. In the almost 3 years since its release, Dying Light has remained largely a cooperative affair where players work together to complete missions and challenges, standalone expansion Bad Blood is set to change all of that when it launches in 2018.

Bad Blood will retain the core gameplay that made Dying Light so popular while offering violent and dynamic online matches that blend PvP and PvE styles of gameplay.

“Our aim is both to satisfy players’ demands for competitive PvP gameplay and to explore new directions for Dying Light’s multiplayer experience,” said Tymon Smektala, Producer at Techland. “Since Bad Blood was inspired by fan requests, we want player feedback to be an integral part of our development. That’s why we’re inviting Dying Light fans to take part in our Global Playtest. They can play the expansion early and share their thoughts, knowing their feedback will have a major influence on Bad Blood’s development.”

Techland announced that it will allow selected players to try out Bad Blood before its 2018 release via a Global Playtest, which PC players can register for with this link.

Dying Light: Bad Blood will launch as a standalone PvP expansion in 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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