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Rockstar Games PS2 ‘The Warriors’ Now Available on PlayStation 4

Rockstar Games has been rolling back the years of late, taking classic PlayStation 2 titles such as Max Payne, Bully, Manhunt and the Grand Theft Auto PS2 trilogy to PlayStation 4, today that list increased with the release of The Warriors.

Although not as well remembered as some of Rockstar’s previously released games like Grand Theft Auto, The Warriors originally released on Xbox and PS2 back in 2005 and is based on the 1979 movie. Set in New York City, the 3D brawler tells the story of a gang wrongly accused of murdering a rival gang leader in the city that never sleeps.

The Warriors will set you back £11.99, take up 3.1GB space and comes with 1080p resolution, trophies and remote play.

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