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The Witness PS4 Pro Update Final Specs Revealed: PS4 Upscaled To 1080p From 900p/PS4 Pro 1440p

Following Sony’s announcement in New York last month, a whole host of developers inevitably revealed its intentions to release their game onto PS4 Pro including Naughty Dog, who today released an update for The Last of Us.

Another development studio bringing their game to PS4 Pro is Thekla, Inc. whose puzzle title The Witness will follow Infamous Second Son, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Uncharted 4 and a whole host of other PS4 titles in launching an update to improve resolution.

Developer Johnathan Blow today revealed the games soon-to-be-released PS4 Pro update will see The Witness run at 1440p on PS4 Pro while PS4 users outputting to a 1080p TV will see the game upscaled substantially from 900p to 1080p, running at 60fps on both platforms.

We are definitely supporting HDR, on both the PS4 Pro and the base model PS4. If the game detects an HDR TV, it will start in HDR mode,” explains Blow.

As of now Blow has no concrete release date for the update but expects it to be available sometime throughout November.

The Witness is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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