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Ubisoft Reveal For Honor Closed Alpha Details, Begins September 15th For Xbox One, PS4 And PC

Ubisoft has revealed details for For Honor‘s Closed Alpha coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC September 15th to September 18th.

For Honor‘s upcoming Closed Alpha will test a “work-in-progress” part of the games multiplayer content with limited numbers allowed access to the Alpha in order to generate feedback and assess for stability. Players will have the chance to fight as one of the games many warriors from For Honor‘s different factions with Knight, Viking and Samurai all available. For Honor‘s Closed Alpha will also feature four previously showcased Heroes including the Kensei, Orochi, Warden and Raider, plus two brand-new warriors, Conqueror and Berserker. Each Hero is equipped with a unique set of skills, weapons, armour and fighting styles, as well as a wide library of customisation options.

Additionally, the Closed Alpha will also offer players a first glimpse at the games progression system as participants unlock new abilities, new weapons and armour, as well as new visual customisation possibilities following their fight on the battlefield.

Players still looking to sign up for a chance to participate in the Closed Alpha can do so with the following link

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