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E3 2016

The Walking Dead Season 3 Coming This Fall, Trailer Released

Today at an E3 conference the long awaited trailer for TellTale The Walking Dead Season Three was shown.

The trailer opens up on a lone walker in the middle of a decimated suburban street and sets the tone for the overarching story of Clementine and the world that she lives in. Clementine looks to be a preteen at this point so we can assume that at least three years have passed since the end of the second season. She can also be seen with a new character whose name is not revealed in the trailer.

This is the first we have seen of the third season of this series and more is expected to be revealed over the E3 weekend.

Watch the trailer below to get your first taste of the hell that awaits Clementine and her new friend.

Chris King is a freelancer from Pennsylvania. With more than two decades spent in the digital realm, it's safe to say that he's most comfortable with a controller in his hands. He drinks too much coffee and spends too much time on Twitter. Send help.


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