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lego worlds early access preview


LEGO World Early Access Impressions

Lego Worlds is developed by TT games (better known as Traveller’s Tales pre-merger) and published by Warner Brothers Interactive. Outside of their work on the Lego franchise, TT also have a rich history including titles such as; Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, A Bug’s Life, Sonic R & 3D Blast and of course Toy Story 1 & 2 to name but a few.

Lego Worlds is a procedurally generated sandbox exploration/adventure game. As such the only story is the one you create. The game is reminiscent of all the other Lego titles in the franchise, whereby destruction of objects will allow you to place an object in the world and also generate a certain amount of “studs” which we all know Lego uses as currency, you can then use this currency to unlock various different things to place in the world once unlocked you’re free to place as many as you like.

The game has been compared a lot to Minecraft and Terraria, I personally feel this is really unfair. My experience with Lego Worlds has very much been “this is a digital version of Lego” . To me, It’s a little bit like comparing Borderlands to Call of Duty. Don’t get me wrong what I’m basically trying to say is yes there are similarities but they are completely different games.

The game can be controlled with either keyboard and mouse, or controller as it has full controller support although I would mildly disagree with that, as certain features don’t really work well with the use of a gamepad, which is going to be a major problem if they port it to consoles. The developer has said that they will explore it when the PC version is complete, I would say it is highly likely.

LEGO World

The picture seen above is my attempt to use the in game “block builder” to build myself a house. Many of the options are disabled if you choose to use a gamepad and even using keyboard and mouse, whilst a lot of the wireframes and various different features of the block builder are quite handy, building this structure was rather tedious.

LEGO World 2

The structure pictured here was imported using the “brick builds” feature, I shudder to think the amount of time and effort required to build a structure this detailed.

The game is chock full of customisation options for characters with more unlockable parts as you meet the various characters in the game. However, one thing I did notice is some characters have a special ability and if you customise your character rather than play as that character, you don’t inherit the special ability as you would in say Lego Marvel Super Heroes which would be nice.

The game also features a basic land and air vehicle system which works really well, the only thing I noticed which was kind of funny was a biplane been able to hover. One thing of note that I thought was really cool is being able to fly a Dragon which also shoots fire balls. One thing I did feel was missing, was the ability to make your own (custom) vehicle that you could drive/fly around. This may be added in later but is difficult to tell if this is on the cards.

Graphically the game looks like all the rest of the Lego games, which is a nice aesthetic and there is a limit to how smooth you can make a block look. The soundtrack is suitably “adventurous” with the sound assets changing to suit the various biomes. However there were a few things I did notice with some of the graphical settings/assets most notably “Bloom” pictured left below and the lava in certain circumstances pictured right below.

LEGO World 5

The problem highlighted in the picture on the left is the Bloom is quite bright, the problem in the right is that this is white lava in a snow biome. However everything else appeared to be fine, and did on occasion surprise me with it’s beauty.

LEGO World 6Sunset in a Japanese cherry blossom forest, beautiful.

Overall the game is still in my opinion very early in development and “works” but is missing a vast amount of features, most notably multiplayer, but I can understand wanting to get the base game working before adding in multiplayer. I would also like to see some NPC interaction perhaps although I don’t know how that would quite fit in. One thing I did want to mention is the game does have a frame rate detector and if it feels as though the game is struggling it will warn you and suggest you lower the graphics settings which is nice to see. This is a very good start but a lot more work is required.

My final thoughts are because it’s so early in development I can’t give it a score but what I will say is if you like Lego and really like the idea of adventure and exploration then it’s a definite recommendation. However if you would like a little bit more, you may want to hold off for a while. Under no circumstances think this is “just like Minecraft, with no survival (creative mode) only in Lego” it isn’t there is no mining (only terrain modification) or crafting. 


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