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The Evil Within 2 Hands on Preview

The Evil Within 2 Hands on Preview

I recently attended a Bethesda Press Event in London during which I had the chance to play games such as The Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2 and Skyrim on Switch, and although both Wolfenstein 2 and Skyrim on Switch will be getting its very own feature, this article is based primarily on Tango Gameworks sequel – The Evil Within 2.

I’ll be avoiding spoilers as much as possible throughout this featured article until we release gameplay from the event closer to the game’s October 13th launch. The demo I had the joy of experiencing was roughly an hour long and consisted of two different chapters – one a very enclosed and linear styled chapter and the other set in a small overrun and broken town that felt extremely open.

In the first chapter, I was tasked with escaping the clutches of a monstrous creation that would hack and slash away at protagonist Sebastian Castellanos as the former detective desperately ran, crawled and scratched his way to the escape. However, as fun as it sounds, I have to say that during this particular segment I wasn’t rocked at all.

Admittedly, I’m quite a jumpy person and do in fact get freaked out rather easily but none of what I experienced in the opening moments seemed remotely spooky, with badly timed jump scares. However, that is not to say that The Evil Within 2 doesn’t look amazing because it truly did, but when a gameplay segment literally consists of quick time events and forward movement it’s hard to say the game is mechanically sound and a technical masterpiece. That being said, as soon as I moved past that particular segment and on to the next chapter, The Evil Within 2 really began to open up and impress.

The chapter begins with Sebastian walking towards a small suburban town full of roaming creatures. As you proceed to sneak through the hoard you discover a safe house and that’s where the game really picks up. You gain access to a handheld radio and discover a mysterious signal that has the player investigate in any which way they’d like. From there, you are tasked with making it across this sprawling town covered in enemies and various side missions that will pop up on your radio as you get closer to each one.

There is a wide variety of gameplay here that doesn’t purely consist of ‘walk here then walk there’. It was during this passage of play that I stumbled across an open garage and upon investigating, had the door slam shut behind me where I was then forced to fight off a creature just to survive and leave the garage. It was in this area that I stumbled across a whole new enemy type but due to not quite having the right gear to tackle them, was very easily picked off. In my next life though, I opted to approach the area from an entirely different route that meant I never encountered the beasts. Something The Evil Within 2 does well.

The fact that my encounter with the enemy wasn’t scripted means that there could’ve been many more enemy types on the map that I never came across because of the path I had taken, whereas another player may meet all 10 and another may encounter none at all.

You might have noticed that in the majority of Bethesda titles the line “Play Your Way” is featured, an intriguing statement that has never been truer than with The Evil Within 2.

Check back closer to the game’s release where we will have a full hour of footage for you showcasing the two chapters discussed above.

The Evil Within 2 is out on October 13th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Brandon has been gaming for over a decade and whilst it’s not as long as others has survived just as many encounters as most. From hiding in a cardboard box to collecting 120 stars. Brandon’s favourite game series is Halo but he enjoys stealth games and RPG’s also. He studies media at A-level and can be typically be found boarding covenant ships.


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